Our Crossover Solutions business provides hedge fund advisory services to institutional investors.

Our goal is to provide flexible, comprehensive solutions to meet the varying needs demonstrated by institutional liquid alternative investors, while allowing clients to maintain maximum control over their portfolio.

Customized and Flexible Structure

Customized investment objectives determined in consultation with client.

Flexible structure that increases speed to execute on opportunities.

Dynamic allocations across investment opportunities made in consideration of client’s aggregate portfolio exposure.

Knowledge Transfer

Robust knowledge transfer – sharing of industry and manager insights.

Training opportunities with our executives.

High touch approach to add to client’s available resources.

Returns and Economics

Ability to partner with a leader in the alternative investment industry.

Ability to leverage PAAMCO Prisma’s negotiated fee arrangements with underlying managers.

Governance and Alignment

High levels of transparency, alignment of interests, and customized governance.

Flexibility and discretion (as desired).

Quarterly investment reviews, annual allocation discussions.

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