Prisma Core

Prisma Core

Multi-manager portfolios have been Prisma’s core competency since the firm’s inception in 2004.

The firm takes a specialist approach by pursuing leading niche managers in each strategy.  As such, correlation among investments is typically very low and our portfolios are well diversified, offering clients access to differentiated alpha sources.

Proactive Strategy Allocation

We believe that significant value can be added by combining macroeconomic views with technical/structural input to formulate our strategic positioning.

This process feeds through to the sub-strategy level.

Early Stage Specialist Managers, Specialized Team

We believe that specialist hedge fund managers can have a greater edge.  Our investment team is organized by hedge fund strategy to implement this approach.  Senior investment professionals have, on average, over 20 years’ experience in their areas of focus, including trading and managing assets.

Actively Investing and Allocating

We benefit from being an allocator and an active investor across sectors and individual securities.

Benefits include cost efficiency, access to hard-to-source ideas and decreased correlation.

Three Separate Due Diligence Teams

Three due diligence teams (investment, risk, operations), each with independent veto power, thoroughly assess investments both pre- and post-investment.

High Touch Monitoring Process

We dedicate a significant amount of resources to monitoring our clients’ assets.

“High touch” approach leads to informed, proactive decisions.

Fully Integrated Risk Management Process

We have established a well-articulated risk management framework and process that is actionable at every stage of our investment process.

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